Tuesday, June 1, 2010


al00~! nice n eVen...
my exam hAs finishEd a few yEars ag0...
lEga gIlerrr~

my 2nd reuni0n is c0ming~!
*hWaiting* (~)~
i reAlly l0ve bl0gging but i d0n't kn0w anything ab0ut thiz..

anyb0dy wh0 think he/she has kInd-hearted mybe wanna t0 help me.. hehe~!
okEh.. that's aLL... nIce t0 meet thIs bl0g.. haha~ mAsuk bakul aNgakt cndiri t0l lArh~!


d0 u kn0w them...
i d0~!
all this happen whEn i entEr the f0rm 1 sTatus...
i l0ve this cHange~...

the nEw pArt 0f my liFe chEers me alWays..

h0pe tHey will alwAys t0gether n plis d0n't brEak that tie of sUju...ok..
if i d0n't st0p n0w, all 0f u will gEt b0red with all my st0ries.
but i think..
i just writing t0 myself b'c0z i think n0b0dy visit my bl0g..
it;s ok..


ok~ dArr!!

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