Thursday, December 16, 2010

aigoo~ aigoo~

hyep bl0g. miss me ?? heee~ i miss u too. i miss u so much !! ehem.ehem. lupa pulak pasal entry nih. sorry !~~ aduuss! i'm so scared to think about my future heehe~
tahun depan, i'm gonna face an important exam. this situation is such like last 2 years. ouh. takut 3! lagi 17 hari lagi tahun 2011. am i ready ? i don't think so. just can all of u pray for me to do well in 2011. amin ! darr blog. xoxo

before that. hee~ nk suggest lagi nih. but now korean song. this time the korean drama. uuyeah !
it is the sungkyunkwan scandal. *clap.clap.clap* bagilarr support sikit. *yeah* the casts in this drama is micky yoochun JYJ, park min young. yang tuu jew yang saia tahu nama poun. hee~
i had watched until the 17's episode. this is the link :
ok that all for today ! <3>

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