Friday, January 14, 2011

daeh ! daeh ! annyeonghaseyo ! khairina is here. as u see, i'm upgrading my blog but actually i'm not doing it. my friend alia makes it for me. she is really good at this. she is like a sunbaenim to me. hoho. maybe all of you wonder what languange am i writing just now.

지금! 우리의 한국어 수업 시작하자! = now ! let's start our korean languange class !

First of all u must know the korean idol.

1. Super Junior <13>
2. 2pm <>
3. Bigbang <>
4. Shinee <>

ouhh ! i'm already tired. it is too many. i cannot write all of it, that just the example. hee~ but anyway u do not need my tut0r to learn korean because now, everything is just right in your hand. whats is the use of internert if u do not use it right ! hahhaa. i'm just bored thats why i make this post !. hee~ okay.

all of u do not need my tutor BUT I need your tutor about to make my blog more pretty ! please help me ! i'm begging now ! (T.T)

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